Students are free to choose their own housing option throughout the duration of their stay at Center
Sidi Bou Said, and we are able to offer housing for students with a local host family or at a student housing unit located near the center. All student housing will be in Sidi Bou Said or within the nearby surburbs such as Carthage, La Marsa and Gammarth.

Option Cost
Host Family (Private Room)$650 /month

Why live with a host family?

Host families provide a great opportunity for students to truly feel immersed in their new culture and practice their language as they have to communicate with the members of their host family in Arabic when at home. When they are lucky they will always have a family away from home for a lifetime.  They will also have a chance to gain deeper insight into the culture and learn about local Tunisians from a completely different perspective.  All host families are screened by Center Sidi Bou Said, and we have a network of many trusted host families near the center. One or two students may stay with a host family, though one is preferable to push students to speak Arabic. The price per month includes two meals a day with the host family.