Summer 2017

The Summer Arabic Program is for university students or professionals wanting to improve their language skills, live in the Arab world, or complete a study abroad requirement.  We offer two 5-week sessions that you can combine into a 10-week session.

Program Details

Classes normally run in the morning/afternoon from Monday through Friday.  Students are encouraged to work with conversation partners, take private classes, or volunteer with an organization during the afternoon. Each session includes 75 classroom hours of Arabic.  Including homework and individual study, students can expect 150 hours of language study.  Students will be divided into groups according to their level.  All groups will follow the same format of instruction following the material and texts developed exclusively by Center Sidi Bou Said for Languages.

Dates and Fees

ProgramDates and Fees Hours of InstructionCourse Fees
Session IJune 5 – July 775$950
Session II July 17-August 1875$950
Session I & IIJune 5-August 18150$1850


We are able to offer housing for students with a local host family . Following registration, students will be asked to specify whether they would prefer staying in a host family in the Student Housing Agreement form. Whichever option the student chooses is included in the total cost of the program. All student housing will be in Sidi Bou Said or within the nearby surburbs such as Carthage, La Marsa and Gammarth.

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University Credits

If you would like to earn university credit, please contact your academic department or study abroad office. In general, each summer session can earn up to 3 academic credit hours of Arabic.  We are happy to provide any documentation that your university requires and to offer any necessary help during the process.  Please let us know if you need any other assistance in coordinating with your university.